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Designing a human rights intelligence system


Dashboard / Human rights / Non profit / SaaS company

March 2020 - February 2021


I joined slavefreetrade as the first Designer. The aim was to build a human rights intelligence system dashboard that enables organisations to track human rights concerns within their supply chain. Developers had already started some basic work, from which I started off.

Creating design prototypes

I started off by communicating with the CEO and other team members about their vision and ideas for the Libertas system for organisations that was meant to tackle human rights violations in supply chains. Taking their vision and knowledge of the topic I created a very simple design prototype. This seemed more practical than starting the research from scratch as my time capacity was limited.

Usability testing and expert interviews

I scheduled a short interview and usability test with experts and potential users. I started off asking some general questions that related to human rights in supply chains and organisations and then went on by testing my basic prototype. While the testing helped me to improve the prototype the interviews enabled me to understand the potential users better and see how they could relate to a service like the Libertas Dashboard.
I categorised the findings of the interviews in 4 different areas.

Problem statement

Human rights violations within supply chains are frequent and many organisations struggle to see and understand them, while not knowing how to mitigate them.


Ethical concern, improve brand, no motivation, legal compliance, fear of NGO’s


Mainly desktop usage, mobile usage for key metrics, CEO main user in SME’s, various users in bigger organisations, commitment varies greatly, engaging content necessary for commitment


Information leaks, discovering major human rights violations, not being treated neutrally by slavefreetrade


Better supply chain control and risk management, reliable score for their brand narrative, better understanding of legal requirements, guidance through solving human rights issues, a community that goes through a similar process


During my time at slavefreetrade I went through 4 iterations of designing prototypes and testing them. I also recruited a few more designers to be on our team, who continued the process of designing the Libertas system, when I left.

The most imporant interfaces

See website

What my client said

Brian Iselin
Founder and CEO

By creating nice and easy to understand design prototypes Michael enabled us not only to put our visions to the test but also improve the way in which they would be best implemented.
Additionally he recruited a team of 9 UX, UI and product designers, which is an invaluable and unusual asset to have as a social startup.

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