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UX Design

My process

In order to be able to build a good product it is essential to understand context, needs and fears of your users. There are several research methods out there that help you gain that understanding. However, in most of my projects I have used one or more of the following three:

Which method is the right one depends a lot. In most cases it is ideal to do all of them. Considering time and financial restraints, however, it is often necessary to prioritise.
My process for webdesign, user research and other services overlaps in a few ways. I always take a user centered approach.

See my UX projects below

Making legal advice more accessible to asylum seekers

Asylum Advice

Web app / Human rights / Non profit

January 2019 - January 2021

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Improving the user experience and visibility of a mindfulness online course


Startup / Online Course / Webdesign / Design Thinking / UX Research

May 2020 - May 2021

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Designing a sugarcane harvest intelligence dashboard

Digital Harvest

Dashboard / SaaS Company /  Multicultural research / UI Design

February 2021 - May 2021

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Designing a human rights intelligence system


Dashboard / Human rights / Non profit / SaaS company

March 2020 - February 2021

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UX Research on various projects

Bonanza Design

Design Agency / UX Research / Design Thinking

March 2021 - June 2021

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What my clients say

Nikolas Konstantin
Founder and CEO

Michael's UX leadership helped us to put user-centered design at the core of how we work: As a facilitator in design thinking workshops he helped us to tap into the team's collective intelligence.  As a designer, he was able to deliver in design and execution alike (he knows the ins and outs of webflow, a design-centered tool for website building).

Behrad Mirafshar
Founder/Creative lead
Bonanza Design

Michael is a joy to work with. He's calm, concentrated, and conducts his work with as less mistakes as possible. I've relied on him several times in certain sensitive situations that I needed a designer to take over and lead the project to fruition. He's a crafty and strategic designer at the same time that is obsessed with overall delivered experience. I highly recommend him.

Asylum Advice

He made the work with Asylum Advice much easier by having laid a solid foundation of user research. Apart from his professional design work he also has an extensive knowledge of refugee law and general human rights frameworks, which were essential for Asylum Advice. Michael is an excellent team player, gets work done with a no nonsense approach and is pleasant to work with.

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