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Other areas I have worked in

Apart from doing User Research and Webdesign I have also worked on projects in the following fields:

UI Design for Mobile Apps

UI Design for Web Apps

Regarding Mobile Apps I have studied the Material Design Guidelines by Google.
My process for webdesign, user research and other services overlaps in a few ways. I always take a user centered approach.

See my research projects below

Building a mobile handy-person app


Startup / Mobile App / Community platform / UI Design / SaaS Company

October 2019 - February 2020

Handly hired me to build the UI for their mobile app. I was responsible for creating userflows, sitemaps and wireframes followed by creating the style UI of the most important screens of the app.

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Improving the UI of an administration software

Girona Software Entwicklung

UI Design / SaaS company / Administration software / Dashboard

July 2020 - November 2020

Girona needed help with improving the overall Design of their interfaces. My task was to improve the user experience of their products by improving the UI.

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Building the interfaces for a sustainability challenge app

Shared Karma

Mobile App / Sustainability / UI Design / Startup

November 2020 - January 2021

Shared Karma hired me to improve their user interfaces that had already been established. Following Google’s Material Design guidelines I created new interfaces for the main functions of the app.

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What my clients say

Klaas Krüger
Cofounder/UX Lead

We were happy to have Michael work as a freelance UX/UI designer for Handly for 4 months. He fulfilled his tasks reliably and with professionalism. He shows a high sense of creativity and analytical skills. His design work enabled us to get to the point of starting with the development of the app.

Eric Pomeranz
Shared Karma

With little information he was not only able to understand the project quickly and well, but he was also able to provide great insights and recommendations. He delivered well within our short deadlines. As per the most important task for a designer, the actual design. He delivered high quality and fast designs. Overall it was fun to work with Michael. The result exceeded our expectations.

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